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Selamat Datang, Welcome, to The Floating Surf House.  
We are situated in an idyllic bay in the Banyak Islands offshore of Sumatra, Indonesia.  We would be stoked to share this beautiful pristine paradise and many barrels with you.  The Floating Surf House does actually float in an incredibly calm bay and is surrounded with three perfect waves.  Gunters (the most consistent) is a barreling right over fairly shallow coral reef and lies just a short paddle away, Dindos which is a fun rippable left across the bay, and Lolok Point, an intense challenging left has an easy take off and morphs into an intense barrel on the inside and is the indicator for sets arriving at the other spots.  We are not a surf camp, not a charter boat, just a unique alternative happy to share this great experience with you and your friends.  Its built entirely of local materials, by locals, and owned by the first and only local surfer in the Banyak Islands.  There are other epic waves in the area, majestic beaches to stroll on, many fish, and birds to see.  The coral reefs are clean, the fish are active, and the barrels await you.


We decided to build a floating house to escape all the elements the Jungle has to offer. No sandfleas and minimal mosquitos was our goal and is what we achieved. 



We have just finished our first full season and have already had return guests.  The feedback is amazing and many guests extend their trip midway through their stay!


How? / Trips

Our trips originate from Medan and we travel overland to the coast followed by a speedboat ride directly to The Floating Surf House.  Optional flights from Medan to the coast are possible but we still need to send the surfboards overland by kijang.  The inconsistency in flight schedules and past safety history deters us from recommending this route.  We also can pick up from Gunung Sitoli on Nias but due to the weather, trips can be delayed, with high seas making it impossible and unsafe.  We highly recommend the 8-9 hour taxi ride.  Yeah its hard to get truly is worth the effort and thats why it is as uncrowded as it is. 


All trips of 10 days include one complimentary trip to Treasure Island.  Extra trips can be purchased at the current rate of Petrol + 50%

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